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Sta-Rat Lift Style Handle Release Adapter

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No more bruises on your forearms! Now available for trailers with lift-type handles, the STA-RAT Lift Style Handle Release Adapter.

For trailers with lift type handle, we have adapter available, to use together with the Sta-Rat pinpuller. Please watch the video showing how to use the adapter with our Sta-Rat tool. There are 3 pieces. The one with a hook type goes with the Sta-Rat tool, under the red knob. The square one goes to the handle, and tighten it with the hex screw. The bar with holes is to connect the two and adjust the height accordingly.

The adapter expands the capability of your STA-RAT tool to accommodate some less common trailers’ tandem slides. With the lift type adapter attached, STA-RAT's upward force applies constant force to the lift type release handle.

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The rule of thumb here is that if you weigh 175 lbs above, you should order the maximum pull force tool (red). If you weigh between 125 lbs to 175 lbs, please order the medium one (orange). If the user weighs below 125 lbs, please order the light one (yellow).

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