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"We've been using the STA-RAT since 2001 and our drivers really like it! With a fleet of over 600 trucks, we make a lot of drop and hooks in our short haul department. This tool saves time, as well as being very safe and easy to use. Sliding tandems has become a lot easier than in the past when we had to use vice-grips and a hammer!

The service we receive from STA-RAT is excellent. If there's a problem, one phone call takes care of it. Our company feels that STA-RAT is one of the best investments made for our drivers' well-being."

- Millis Transfer, Inc.
Black River Falls, Wisconsin

I love STA-RAT! I can't recall how many times I’ve used the tool. When I'm at a Truck Stop or Customer, drivers offer to help when they see I'm about to slide my axles. I tell them, No Thanks! I pull out STA-RAT “my secret weapon” and show the drivers. They’re amazed at how easy it is. If I had five extra STA-RAT’s they would sell like hot cakes.

P.S. I live in the Midwest, when its 20 below outside STA-RAT keeps pulling. It’s a great tool to have. I wouldn’t live without one. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

- Dan (handle “freebird”)
Dart Transit driver

"I just got back to work after two operations on my shoulder. My doc told me I had to stop driving or get something to help me slide the axles, so I found STA-RAT on the internet... and man, it saved my job! Get it out there so everyone can see how it works. It works great and I love it! Man, wish I'd had it sooner."

- Edward Nash,
Company Driver/Illinois

"I bought one of your STA-RATs four years ago (05/21/01) and I am still absolutely delighted with it. I do a lot of drop and hook loads where I have to slide the tandems to the rear before dropping. Then I have to slide the tandems forward again on the trailer that I'm taking out. Sometimes I have to do 3 or 4 of these loads a day on some pretty old equipment. It used to take me as long as 30 to 45 minutes with alot of sweat and frustration just to slide the tandems a few holes... running back and forth with a hammer, pounding on pins and getting madder with each trip. Then pulling and tugging on worn out bent handles that won't stay pulled once you do get them out!

No more! Now I make 1 trip to set the STA-RAT and 1 trip to release it. I would estimate that I've used the STA-RAT over 3000 times during the last 4 years and it has saved me countless hours of hard, back-breaking work. I also use the STA-RAT to release my 5th wheel which keeps me from reaching in under the trailer and getting grease or snow and ice on my shoulder. And during pre-trip inspections I use it as a tire checker. It is perfect for banging on tires and digging small rocks out from between the treads. I always keep the tool close at hand and never do a "walk around" at night without it. I just feel safer having it in my hand.

Weather doesn't seem to effect its performance at all, as I have used the tool at -30° and when it was 110° in the shade. I love the tool and will never attempt to slide tandems without it again."

- Gordon Gower,
Pittsfield, ME

"Best invention since the wheel, I love it!! Thanks."

- Alvin C. Jr,
Monroe, LA

"I have been an Owner/Operator in excess of 10 years. I have used the STA-RAT for the past 3 years and could not live without it. I now have no back pain, no problems with my shoulder, and can actually get the job done by myself. Thank you for this wonderful invention. It is truly amazing! I will not be without one. As a matter of fact, I keep two with me at all times. You would be surprised the number of times I have loaned it to a co-driver."

- T.Hargrove,
Yulee, Florida

"Works Great! I was going to make my own until I saw STA-RAT."

- S. Milbrath,
New Holstein, WI

"The greatest thing since black pepper!"

- B. Garrett,
Knoxville, TN

"Thank you so very much for the very fast return. I use it a lot and was lost without it. I help other male drivers with it, and tell them to get one. God Bless you and your company, and thank you very much for no charge."

- Brenda,
Indianapolis, IN

"Lost first one, STA-RAT has saved much time and aggravation!"

- R.Cassell,

"I have a STA-RAT and I would not truck with out it"

- R, Williams,
Oklahoma City, OK


"I'm new to driving this year "2007" although our company promotes the purchase of STA-RAT, I foolishly did not buy one. After driving about two months, I was at a customer's site and pulled all the muscles in the back of my left calve trying to pull the tandem release handle. I was back at our yard within a week and immediately purchased a STA-RAT, which I have used successfully several times since. It is the best friend a driver can have. Don't hurt yourself like I did! Use your head not your body. Buy a STA-RAT release assist tool. They work like promised, and you'll never again struggle with releasing the tandem locking pins."

- E. Gantzer,
Livonia, MI.

Since I received my STA-RAT 4 years ago, I have helped many other drivers pull there tandem locking pins with my STA-RAT. It is a wonderful tool, and would be lost with-out it!

- Company Driver,

"After 20 years of trucking, this is by far the most valuable tool I carry.

If you forget to bring any tool make sure it's not this one! There is nothing as fun as watching people's jaw drop when they see you use the STA-RAT. It makes sliding the axles on your trailer look as easy as adjusting your mirror."

- W.Jimenez,
Phoenix, AZ

"The STA-RAT is the greatest tool I've used. Less strain on your back. It does wonders!"

- Company Driver,

"I just wanted to thank you for inventing STA-RAT the tandem tool and standing behind your product 100%.

I am so glad that when I was fighting to pull the handle on my tandems by myself, when another driver luckily drove up and stopped to help me. He told me that if you wanted to make my job easy, I should invest in what he was about to show me. He told me if you didn't like working up a sweet, fighting my tandems in this 95 degree heat, let alone getting hurt in the process, to get a STA-RAT tandem tool. I said a what? He said watch this! He put the device on the tandem handle, I rocked the trailer and wa-lah, with no other help, it pulled the handle on my impossible to pull tandem handle and even let me see where my tandems were. I moved them to the proper hole and I was done. The helpful driver said: 'make life easy and invest in a STA-RAT'. Man was he right!

As I told you, I absolutely could and would not do my job without STA-RAT and my GPS. Both of these investments have made my job easy and kept me safe, healthy and fine free. I have used your product ever week since I have purchased it two years ago. I don't have to worry if another driver will happen to come along to help me slide my impossible tandems. No more climbing under my truck to pound on the tandem locking pins with my 3lb sledge. And never have to work up a sweat and cuss my tandems anymore. I have even helped other drivers who were struggling with their tandems. What a relief, what a product!

I recommend that every driver, fleet and truck stop, should visit your website and watch the short video on your product. Believe me, the investment is worth every penny a hundred times over. The very first time I used it, I knew that I couldn't live without it. STA-RAT has paid for it self many times over and over again. I know it will last a lifetime with minimum care and if I have a problem that your company stands behind it 100% as you have already proven. It is the best investment in my trucking career, or any driver could ever make. All truck stops that are not selling your product, or fleets and driver not using STA-RAT, are missing the boat Big Time! I thank God every time I use it, that driver who helped me use it 2 years ago and you for inventing it."

- D. Schwartzentruber,
Professional Truck Drive for Crete Carrier Corporation

"Man this STA-RAT thing is the greatest thing since sliced bread!!! I just ordered two more for my other drivers. Thanks, and my back thanks you as well."

- Kevin Mckelvy,
MC Trans, Inc., Lubbock, Texas

"Picked up a STA-RAT and loving it!! I don't have to wait for another driver to get out their tools or the WD-40. This thing is Great!!"

- J. Burse,
Warren, MI


“In my opinion, no trucking company should be without the STA-RAT tool. It eliminates the need for a second person to help with sliding the tandems. They are a great tool for our drivers as well as our company, because they keep our drivers safe by helping to prevent shoulder or back injuries. The STA-RAT pays for itself.”

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

- Gary Kasza
Safety Director, Fleetmaster Express

"The tandem pulling nightmare is now over due to my buying your product. No more stressing prior to sliding the tandems. STA-RAT makes my job a lot easier!

It works reliably well, to slide the tandems you don’t have to get in and out of the tractor more then twice, once to set the tool, and once to remove.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants to not take the chance of injuring them selves pulling the tandem release handle.

I just had both shoulders replaced, so this tool works incredible for me.

Thank You Very Much!"

B. Ayers
Lodi, NJ

"I purchased the STA-RAT tool two years ago and have been extremely pleased with it. I lost the tool in June 2004 and sadly, when I called to replace it, the gas spring part was backordered.

Where I work, the tandems need to be all the way to the rear before they go into the dock. I slide 20-30 tandems a day so without the STA-RAT I was running back and forth between the release handle and the cab. I was also beating on the pins with a sledge hammer making my job a lot harder.

Unfortunately, the result of all of this is that I tore a tendon in my right shoulder and damaged my rotator cuff. I had surgery the end of September 2004 and will be off work for up to 18 months.

I want to return to work as soon as the doctor releases me but will not go back without the STA-RAT tool by my side! You guys should make a holster for this thing!"

- Clarence W. Ewer

"Fine tool! Would not be without one!"

-J. Barksdale,
Mayodan, NC

"This really works great!"

- R. Keltner,

"Works great! Finally something that works as advertised."

- Roger Hart (Owner Operator),
Suffolk, VA

"What a great invention! This tool is a lifesaver, and I use it twice a day, every day. It was worth every penny!"

- Allen Slawikowski,
Griffith, IN

"My STA-RAT is an awesome tool for the trucker. It turns a problem issue into a no-brainer, easy to do process. I love my STA-RAT!"

- Female Driver

"I use this tool every time I have a difficult trailer that I need to slide the axles on. I absolutely love it. Every driver I have assisted would have purchased one on the spot if I would have had it available to them!"

- Driver,

"Works Great! Wish I'd had one years ago."

- Owner/Operator,

"Put it in truck stops. It would sell like hot cakes!"

- Company Driver,

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