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How It Works


8 steps on how STA-RAT works

1. The dreaded tandem release handle.

2. Place STA-RAT's upper hook between the tandem locking pin release handle and tandem frame. A quick tug will pull the trigger releasing the foot of STA-RAT. The foot of the tool extends to the tandem frame.

3. STA-RAT applies constant pulling force on the tandem release handle.

4. As the driver gently rocks the truck, STA-RAT pulls the release handle disengaging the tandem locking pins and holds them retracted until the desired position is achieved.

5. STA-RAT is visible in the rearview mirror as STA-RAT does all of the work.

6. A quick twist of STA-RAT will release the tool from release handle.

7. Reload STA-RAT by placing the foot of STA-RAT between your feet, pushing straight down until it locks into the loaded position.

8. The foot of STA-RAT rotates to accommodate various release handles.  

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