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Benefits of Sta-Rat

 See how Sta-Rat Can help you

When sliding tandems, STA-RAT stays in place riding with the tandem until the tandem slide is complete and the driver removes the tool. STA-RAT is visible through the rear view mirror, enabling the driver to see when the tandem is ready to slide. STA-RAT is easily removed and reloaded for the next hassle-free tandem slide.

See how STA-RAT can help you

STA-RAT eliminates back injury and shoulder injury. The hands stay out of the "danger zone". A second person, who is normally put in a dangerous position, is not needed.

STA-RAT can save you or your company hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, compared to the cost of spring-loaded, pneumatic and/or lift type tandem release mechanisms on the road today by cutting downtime, maintenance and upkeep.

Dave's Top 8 Reasons to use Sta-Rat

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